About us




"Exceptionally soft and comfortable on the skin quality yarns"


We are dedicated to carefully selecting yarns that prioritize achieving an exceptional level of softness, ensuring that your handmade knitwear delivers a luxuriously comfortable experience.

We firmly believe that in the art of knitting, it is important not only to enjoy the process of knitting itself but also to derive joy from wearing your precious hand-knit after you finished your project. Our yarns are derived from the finest fibers with low fiber microns and outstanding softness against the skin, catering even to those who may have previously found wool to be itchy.



"The Rise of Knitting: A Modern Movement Blending Creativity and Sustainability"


In recent years, knitting has emerged as a global phenomenon, attracting individuals seeking enjoyable, creative, and therapeutic stay-at-home activities. Driving this trend are a new generation of knitting designers who are redefining the 'old-fashioned' practice, infusing it with a contemporary and stylish appeal. Knitting has evolved into a sustainable fashion movement, countering the environmental pollution associated with mass production and consumption in the fast fashion industry. Our goal is to inspire and engage a wider audience in the creation of their own clothing, while spreading the joy of knitting. We are committed to supporting and sustaining this trend for future generations.

We take great pleasure in offering our yarns and hope that you derive as much enjoyment from them as we do. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.